DO YOU KNOW THAT - When you receive your Salary or Pension through Rural Investment Credit ( RIC Cameroon S_.A ) You no Longer need a Land Certificate to finance your Agro-Pastoral Projects ( Livestock, Farm of Palms, Coffee, Cocoa, maize etc...).

  1. Your Salary is enough guarantee/ security.
  2. The project will reimburse the loan it self at very favourable interest rate.
  3. Your pension will also be considered as guarantee I security for such loans to keep you occupied at retirement.
  4. In partnership with Padmir, Prodel, GIZ-Profina, Pea-Jeunes, Pidma,Transvagri etc.
  5. Our experts will be able to follow-up and guide you on the execution of such projects.
  6. We will assist you from production to commercialisation stages, in order to ensure total reimbursement of the loan.
  7. Do not wait for retirement before preparing your retirement.
  8. Get yourself busy and useful on retirement.
  9. We are also an authorized distributor of phytosanitary products


We run well-equipped and sophisticated agricultural shops to satisfy the demands and needs of both customers and would be customers. We offer products to famers at very low prices

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