"The Management of RIC - Cameroon S.A says - thank you to all her Customers for their Trust, Loyalty and Confidence for the 25 Years of their existence and quality Service. We are Innovative and we will stick to that commitment to better serve you as your Satisfaction is our Priority."


Since 1998

Banking with clarity and confidence

Our services start and end with you

Reliable customer services

Reach out to us or visit us from Monday to Saturday and we will be here to help you.

SMS Banking

Never Miss an update!! We send an SMS directly to your phone whenever there is a new transaction in your account or we have new promotions.

Investment Financing

Let us help you secure the future of your loved ones by financing your business ideas

Ranked 9th Best Micro-Financing company in Cameroon!

We have once again proven that "RIC, NA THE BEST" as we were ranked 9th best micro-Finance Company in 2020, in competition with over 400 others nation-wide.

With this ranking, we pledge to continue investing our utmost best to make sure that we satisfy the needs of each and every client. Thank you very much for your continues TRUST.

Make withdrawals from anywhere

Avoid the risk of traveling with huge sums of money

Multiple account Types

We offer multiple types of Savings, Deposit and Current account structures

School Fee loans are automatic

Family is everything. Let us help you take care of yours

Overdrafts are transparent

Get overdrafts easily and at competitive rates

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(+237) 233 442 851

We are open Mon - Sat

08:00 - 16:00

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You should soon be able to open accounts, make and check transactions from the comfort of our mobile Application.

We've faithfully served you since 1998. we will continue to improve our services to better meet your expectations.

Our partners!

Mobile Money - Orange & MTN

Bank on the go (Everywhere you go). Mobile money from RIC permits you send and receive money, make payments and buy airtime...

Western Union

With Western Union as a trusted partner, Do your local and international money transfer with RIC SA. Send and receive money nationally and internationally...

RIA Money Transfer

We have partnered with RIA Money transfer to facilitate all your international money transfer requirements...

Our partners

World Remit

We have partnered with World Remit Money transfer to facilitate all your international money transfer requirement...

Financial Advice

We stick with you every step of the way as you strive to attain your financial goals

REMEX Money Transfer

Present in the 5 regions of Cameroon, RIC offers REMEX Money Transfer, fast, secure and cheap solution for domestic money transfer...

Agro-Pastoral Financing

We are now offering Agro-Pastoral financing with no land certificate needed.

To be Eligible for the Agro-Pastoral financing, you must be a:

  1. Civil Servant
  2. Pensioner
  3. or a Private salary earner from the para-public and private sector

Did you know that RIC provides financial training for farmers?

FANEPIA is a program design by PROFINA-GIZ to give farmers financial education. RIC have been involved in this program since 2020 and have so far trained more than 1500 farmers. RIC have 4 trainers trained by GIZ to carry on this task.

Learn how to turn farming into a full flesh business

Understand the financial part of farming

Our mission has been the same since 1998!!


"To provide life-changing Financial and non-financial services to our valuable clients"


To be the most performant, reliable and trustworthy financial institution; extending our services to other economic regions.

Farming season

We are here for you throughout the farming season. Let us support you with all the tools needed to ensure a bountiful harvest

We are redesigning

We are continuously improving our office sites to ensure your maximum comfort when you visit us for your transactions.

Come visit us

Lookout for our colors in most major cities and come in for a visit whenever you are around any of our branches.


We run well-equipped and sophisticated agricultural shops to satisfy the demands and needs of both customers and would be customers. we offer products to famers at very low prices