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Multiple Account Structures

RiC offers multiple account options to cover all your financial needs.

SAVINGS ACCOUNTS - Ordinary Savings-The Savings account allows you to save and generate interest on one's savings. It offers the advantage of being available at any time. It can also be used as initial contribution or starting capital at the creation of company or project.

  • Daily Saving-a daily contribution of at least 500 FRS and above. It is mostly for petty-traders and customers who don’t have time to come to the bank to serve money. Collection at workplace.
  • Agro-Pastoral Finance - This account is for RIC customers involved in agro-pastoral chain. They benefit from medium term loan schemes destine to finance agro-pastoral activities. Direct beneficiaries are; Individual producers, rural micro-entrepreneur, and cooperative group or other professional organization and service provider in the Agro-Pastoral sector.
  • Retirement (old-age) Pension - The old-age pension account is intended for pensioners. This account allows them to better manage their income and benefit from financial supports such as: Overdrafts, Loans,  Bank charges debited quarterly.
  • Student Accounts- Tailored to suit the needs of students. Can be opened by the student or parent on behalf of their children.
  • Islamic Account-This account is designed base on Islamic fundamental principles   (Shariah) which believes in the equity participation and interest free. This account is open to the general public both Muslims and non Muslims. This account respects their religious and cultural identity. It prohibits the payment of interest.

FIXED DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS- A Deposit Account is a form of saving in which the customer asks his financial institution to block a specific amount of money for a certain period. Here the deposit is remunerated at a rate agreed between the institution and the saver. The interest generated by the money invested is paid on an agreed date.

CURRENT ACCOUNT-A current account is great for managing your day-to-day finances. You can receive regular payments such as wages, benefits, tax credits or pensions into your account, and set up payments out of your account in whatever ways you find convenient.

  • Salary Accounts-Employees of the public, semi-public and private sector, have access to the SALARY PACK of RIC SA. From now, make your salary transfer and enjoy exceptional advantages See advantages stated on our prospectus. Advantages:•   First loans are interest free•   Opening of account is free.•   Express loans are given on request•   salary overdraft•   Possibility to obtain loan from the first transfer.•   Fast treatment of your loan from school fees loan within 24H at an unbeatable rate);•   Possibility to make withdrawals in every RIC counter;•   Liaison( Distance) operations can be done in all the branches of RICs network;•   Insurance policy to cover loan upon death•   Pre-financing before your salary goes through •   Access your account anywhere with (sms alert, account balance, statements…)
  • Commercial Account-Built for legal entities (commercial companies and some organizations). Suitable for all business sizes. Advantages: Your projects can be financed via this account. In addition to the financing of your projects, it gives right to free councils for a better orientation and follow-up of those projects; Its operation is simple and is appropriate for business.
  • The Association / GIC Account- Built for private companies which want the salaries of their workers to be paid through RIC.
  • CNPS Pension Account-This is in two phases:   Retired civil servants, and   Private salary
  • Retired Civil Servants' Account-Same documents required for the opening of salary account


DO YOU KNOW THAT - When you receive your Salary or Pension through Rural Investment Credit ( RIC Cameroon S_.A ) You no Longer need a Land Certificate to finance your Agro-Pastoral Projects ( Livestock, Farm of Palms, Coffee, Cocoa, maize etc...)

  • Your Salary is enough guarantee/ security
  • The project will reimburse the loan it self at very favourable interest rate.
  • Your pension will also be considered as guar ntee I security for such loans to keep you occupied at retirement.
  • In partnership with Padmir, Prodel, GIZ-Profina, Pea-Jeunes, Pidma,Transvagri etc. Our experts will be able to follow-up and guide you on the execution of such projects.
  • We will assist you from production to commercialisation stages, in order to ensure total reimbursement of the loan.
  • Do not wait for retirement before preparing your retirement. Get yourself busy and useful on retirement.
  • We are also an authorized distributor of phytosanitary products


  • Project Business Plan
  • Attestation of Irrevocable Salary
  • Attestation of declaration on honour
  • Attestation of effective presence

OTHER ADVANTAGES OF RECEIVING YOUR SALARY/ PENSION THROUGH RIC CAMEROON S.A ⦁ Account opening with no charges ⦁ A ten ( I 0) months settlement interest free Loan ⦁ Follow-up of salary documents at the level of the Ministry of Finance by us ⦁ Loan Applications are treated with no frustrating procedures ⦁ School fees Loans are automatic ⦁ Withdrawal of Salary anywhere via our VISA cards / Mobile Money ⦁ Assistance during celebrations such as Promotion, Military Sports, Pilgrimage etc ⦁ We share together in moments of joy and grief.


Never Miss an update!!We send an SMS directly to your phone whenever there is a new transaction in your account or we have new promotions


We offer you Visa cards which serve as your electronic wallet. Don't risk traveling with huge sums of money. The pre-paid card also allows you to make online payments both nationally and internationally

Insurance Banking

RIC Compte Parraine: With 5000 FRS, you or your relatives can secure your account for one (01) year renewable by tacit agreement and benefits 400.000 Frs in case of permanent disability or in case of death.

RIC Health Insurance: We reimburse all your expenses in case of sickness. You can subscribe with 36,000 Frs (3,000 Frs/month) for one (1) year and benefit total payment of your hospital bill from the time of entry and exit from the hospital.

RIC Automobile Insurance: We ensure your vehicles, bikes etc, in case of accident at a cheaper rate.


We run well-equipped and sophisticated agricultural shops to satisfy the demands and needs of both customers and would be customers. we offer products to famers at very low prices

Our products range from:

FERTILIZERS: You can find all types of fertilizer in all our shops from both YARA and ADER companies.

PESTICIDES: All types available.INSECTICIDES: All types available.

HERBICIDES: Also available.

SEEDLINGS: You can find it for all seed plants.


Bank on the go (Everywhere you go). Mobile money from RIC permits you send and receive money, make payments and buy airtime, it's a clever Electronic Wallet that lives on your phone and links your mobile quickly and safely to all your Banking Transactions.


With Western Union as a trusted partner, Do your local and international money transfer with RIC SA. Send and receive money nationally and internationally.


We have partnered with RIA Money transfer to facilitate all your international money transfer requirements


We have partnered with World Remit Money transfer to facilitate all your international money transfer requirement.


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